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17 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Residential Moving Services

Jun 16, 2023

Statistically, an average American will move about 11 times in their life. That’s 11 times dealing with the complex, often overwhelming process of packing, transporting, and unpacking belongings. With residential moving services, this process can be made significantly easier and stress-free.

But not all moving services are created equal. That’s where the challenge comes in – choosing the right service to meet your needs.

The solution? Knowing the right questions to ask. This article provides you with 17 crucial questions that can help ensure you hire movers that are capable, experienced, and reliable.

By the time you finish this piece, you’ll be well-armed with the information needed to make an informed decision. So, are you ready to simplify your move?

1. Are You Licensed And Insured?

The first order of business when engaging with a moving company is to check if they are licensed and insured. This is not merely a technical detail but a key element that ensures your possessions are in safe and accountable hands.

Ask for the company’s license number and verify it with your state’s regulatory body. In Illinois, for instance, the Illinois Commerce Commission oversees moving companies.

Having adequate insurance coverage is equally crucial. This ensures that in case of any mishaps during the move, you are not left to bear the losses.

2. Do Your Movers Undergo Training?

Moving is more than just packing boxes and loading them onto a truck. It requires a specific skill set to ensure the safety of your belongings and the efficiency of the move. Thus, the training and expertise of the moving crew is a critical factor.

Inquire about the type of training the movers receive. Do they learn about safe packing and handling techniques? Are they trained to handle different types of items, including fragile and high-value ones?

A company like Moovers Chicago underscores the importance of this aspect. Our movers go through rigorous training before they ever set foot inside your home or office. This commitment to training ensures a proficient and professional moving service.

3. What Does Your Moving Day Protocol Look Like?

Every moving company has a unique approach to how they handle the moving day. Getting a clear idea of this can help you understand what to expect and how well they are organized.

Ask the potential moving company about their moving day protocol.

Do their moving professionals arrive on time? Do they bring the necessary moving equipment and supplies? How do they handle the packing and loading process?

A professional moving service will have a clear, systematic approach to moving day. Moovers Chicago, for instance, provides uniformed professionals who arrive on time with the necessary moving equipment and furniture protection supplies.

4. What Kind Of Moving Equipment Do You Provide?

The quality and type of moving equipment can make a big difference in how smoothly the moving day goes. It helps ensure the safety of your belongings and the efficiency of the process. When hiring movers, you should inquire about the equipment they will bring.

  • Are they equipped with speed boxes for quick packing?
  • Do they use dollies for safe transport of heavy items?
  • Do they utilize harnesses and straps for secure loading and unloading?
  • Do they bring runners to protect your floors from scuffs and scratches?
  • And importantly, do they provide an appropriate-size truck for your move?

For instance, Moovers Chicago’s team arrives on-site with all the right tools for the job. It’s this attention to detail that contributes to a hassle-free move.

5. Do You Provide Furniture Protection Supplies?

One of the most daunting tasks in moving homes is ensuring the safety of your furniture. You want to avoid scratches, dents, or any damage that could occur during the process. That’s why it’s crucial to ask if your potential moving company provides furniture protection supplies.

These supplies include padding and blankets for cushioning, shrink wrap for weather protection, and tape for securing everything. A company that provides these protective measures indicates their commitment to the safe handling of your belongings. It’s an aspect you shouldn’t overlook.

6. Do You Disassemble And Reassemble Bulky Furniture?

Moving bulky furniture can be a real challenge. It’s not just about the heavy lifting but also about navigating narrow hallways or tight corners. That’s why many professional movers offer the service of disassembling and reassembling bulky items.

Ask your prospective moving company if they provide this service and if they use power tools for the job. This could save you a lot of time and stress on moving day, ensuring that your furniture reaches your new home in the best possible condition.

7. Do You Have Any Credentials Or Awards?

Credibility is crucial in the moving industry. You’re entrusting a company with your valuable possessions after all. A good way to assess this is by asking about the company’s credentials and any awards they might have received.

Check if they are accredited by a reputed organization such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or are members of professional associations.

For example, Moovers Chicago is accredited by the BBB with the highest rating of A+ and is also a member of the Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association. These credentials speak volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

8. What’s Your Standing On Review And Rating Platforms?

While the company’s claims are important, hearing from past customers can provide valuable insights. Websites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook have made it easier than ever to check a company’s reputation.

Ask about the moving company’s ratings on these platforms. A consistently high rating across various platforms indicates that the company is reliable and provides quality services. You can also get a sense of their customer service and how they handle any issues that arise.

Moovers Chicago, for instance, has been featured on’s list of the Best Moving Companies in Chicago.

9. How Do You Handle Complaints And Issues?

Even with the best planning and execution, issues can arise during a move. How a company handles these issues can tell you a lot about its customer service and commitment to client satisfaction.

Ask prospective moving companies about their process for resolving complaints. Do they have a dedicated team or individual to address issues? What steps do they take to rectify the situation?

Remember, a professional moving company won’t shy away from this topic. Instead, they’ll be transparent about their procedures and show a commitment to resolving any issues swiftly and effectively.

10. What Is Your Pricing Structure?

One of the most crucial elements when hiring movers is understanding their pricing structure. Knowing what you’ll be paying for can help you budget for the move and avoid any unexpected costs.

Inquire about the base rate and what it includes. Does the company charge by the hour or by weight? Are packing services and packing materials included, or are they an extra charge?

Additionally, it’s essential to ask about potential additional fees. For example, some moving companies may charge extra for moving items up and down stairs, moving bulky items, or if the moving truck can’t park close to your home.

Remember, a professional moving company will be transparent about their charges and will provide a detailed estimate before the move.

11. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Even with the best-laid plans, life can throw unexpected curveballs. Therefore, knowing a moving company’s cancellation policy is essential.

Ask about the time frame within which you can cancel without incurring any charges. Find out if they provide any refunds or rescheduling options in case of unforeseen events.

Understanding the company’s cancellation policy will provide you with flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

12. Do You Provide Packing Materials And Services?

Packing is a critical part of any move. The quality of packing materials and techniques can often determine the safety of your belongings during transit. Therefore, asking if your prospective moving company provides packing materials and services is vital.

Find out if they offer boxes, bubble wrap, padding, shrink wrap, and other packing supplies. What about specialized packing materials for delicate or fragile items? Do they offer packing services, or will you need to pack items yourself?

Ask them to walk you through their packing process. How do they ensure that items are secure and well-protected? Understanding their packing strategies can provide insight into their level of professionalism and the care they take in safeguarding your belongings.

13. How Do You Handle Unique Or Valuable Items?

Not all items to be moved are created equal. Some are bulky, heavy, or awkwardly shaped, while others carry high sentimental or monetary value. Handling such items requires extra care, expertise, and sometimes, special equipment.

Ask the moving company how they deal with unique or valuable items. Do they have special procedures for moving items like pianos, antique furniture, or artwork? Can they provide additional insurance coverage for high-value items?

Find out if they have handled similar items in the past and how they approached the task. Their response can offer assurance that your prized possessions will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

14. Do You Provide A Moving Checklist Or Plan?

Organization can make or break a moving experience. A well-thought-out moving plan can alleviate much of the stress associated with moving, ensuring that tasks are completed systematically and nothing is overlooked.

Ask your potential moving company if they provide a moving checklist or assist in creating a comprehensive moving plan. Such a checklist could include timelines for packing, utilities setup at your new place, and coordinating with the moving crew on the big day, among other things.

The provision of a moving checklist or plan is a sign of a professional moving company that is committed to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

15. What Happens In The Event Of A Delay?

Moving is a complex process, and sometimes unexpected events can lead to delays. A good moving company will have a plan in place to manage these unforeseen circumstances.

Ask the company how they handle delays. Do they offer any form of compensation or assistance if a delay happens on their part?

It’s also worth inquiring about their schedule flexibility. Can they adjust if you need to push the moving date back due to your own delays? Knowing how a moving company handles delays will give you peace of mind and allow you to plan for any possible hiccups during the moving process.

16. Can You Provide References Or Testimonials?

While online reviews can be helpful, hearing directly from past customers can offer valuable insight into a moving company’s performance. It’s like getting a recommendation from a friend.

Ask the moving company if they can provide references or testimonials from previous clients. You can learn more about their punctuality, professionalism, and how they handle unforeseen issues from those who have used their services before.

Asking for references or testimonials also shows that the company is confident in its services and open to feedback, a good sign of a professional and reliable mover.

17. Do You Have Any Hidden Fees?

Nobody likes hidden costs, especially during an already expensive process like moving. Getting a transparent breakdown of costs is crucial to avoid any unpleasant surprises on a moving day.

Ask your prospective movers about their pricing. Are all costs included in the quote, or are there additional charges for packing materials, long-carry services, or large items? Transparency in pricing is a hallmark of a trustworthy moving company.

Time for Your Smart Move With the Right Residential Moving Services

A well-planned move isn’t just about moving homes, it’s about starting anew in the best possible way. Make sure your transition is smooth and hassle-free. Remember, knowledge is power when hiring movers.

And now that you’re armed with these essential questions, you’re well on your way to finding residential moving services that suit your needs. Like us at Moovers Chicago, where our primary goal is to take the stress out of your move. We invite you to experience our commitment to providing professional and efficient services.

Your new beginning awaits, let us take care of your belongings. Request a moving estimate today.



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