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Q: Where can I get a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” and other helpful consumer information?

A: Visit

Q: Where can I find out whether a mover is registered with FMCSA?

A: Visit

Q: Where can I obtain information about a mover, broker or freight forwarder’s insurance and process agent?

A: Visit and select “Continue.” Select “Carrier Search” in the dropdown box and hit “Go”. You can also call (800) 832-5660 for more information.

Q: How do I get assistance to determine if a mover has assessed the correct transportation charges?

A: Visit or call the Surface Transportation Board at (202) 245-0238.

Q: Where may I file a complaint against a mover?

A: Visit or call 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST.

Q: In addition to FMCSA, are there other authorities I should contact to report a mover?

A: Yes. State attorneys general and consumer affairs agencies are responsible for pursuing suspected moving fraud.

Q: How can I learn more about movers and transportation of household goods?

A: Visit and

FMCSA develops, maintains, and enforces federal regulations that establish safe operating requirements for commercial vehicle drivers,carriers, vehicles, and vehicle equipment. FMCSA regulates interstate household goods movers and requires them to register with the agency. Its regulations assist consumers on interstate moves and define the rights and responsibilities of consumers and household goods carriers.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
1-800-832-5660 | TTY: 1-800-877-8339

FMCSA-ESA-03-005. Revised October 2022


Before You Move

  • Ask for recommendations from neighbors, friends, and relatives regarding the mover and broker.
  • Obtain estimates from at least three movers or brokers and compare cost and all other services to be provided by the companies.
  • Check to determine whether the interstate mover and broker is registered with FMCSA and has a U.S. DOT number.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau regarding the mover and broker.
  • Obtain the booklet Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move from the mover and broker.
  • Find out what the mover’s responsibilities are for damages that may occur to your belongings.
  • Ask if the mover and broker have a dispute settlement program.
  • Find out how and when pickup and delivery of your household goods will occur.
  • Ask the mover and broker how they can be contacted before the move, during the move, and after the move.
  • Adequately insure your belongings.

Moving Day

  •  Carefully read the information on the estimate, bill of lading, inventory, and all other completed documents before you sign them.
  •  Accompany the movers as they inventory your household goods and resolve any questions regarding the condition of materials being moved.
  •  Inform the driver and the moving company of how you can be reached during the move.
  •  Be present to answer questions and give directions to the movers. Stay until they finish.
  •  Give the driver directions to your new house.
  •  Before the moving truck leaves, take one final look throughout the house to make certain nothing has been left behind.
  •  Keep the bill of lading until your goods are delivered, the charges are paid, and any claims are settled.

Delivery Day

  •  Pay the driver, according to the terms of your written binding or non-binding estimate, before your goods are unloaded.
  •  Be present to answer any questions and give directions.
  • Supervise unloading and unpacking of your goods.
  •  Note on the inventory list all boxes or items that are damaged or missing before you sign any documents.

Ready to Move?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) wants to make sure you have the information you need to “Protect Your Memories. Your Money. Your Move.” from moving fraud.
The best defense against moving fraud is to be informed and aware of your options when choosing a reputable moving company. While most household moves go smoothly, there are dishonest or “rogue” movers you should be aware of. For more information on interstate moves, visit the FMCSA Web site at:
You can also use this site to learn more about other government, law enforcement and moving industry information sources. This is very important if you’re looking for more detailed State and local information, including how to file a complaint.


Key Definitions

A company that arranges for the truck transportation of cargo belonging to others, utilizing for-hire carriers to provide the actual truck transportation. A broker does not assume responsibility for the cargo and usually does not take possession of the cargo.

A list of rates, rules regulations, and available services. Each mover publishes its own tariffs and these must be provided to you upon request.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Before Selecting a Mover

Before moving your household goods, movers are required to give you this brochure and a booklet entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. They provide basic information that will help you understand the documents that a mover will ask you to sign. The booklet also explains your rights if your household goods are lost or damaged. Copies of this brochure and booklet can be downloaded from the Web site, which has additional helpful consumer information.

Use Only Registered Movers

Make sure the mover you select has been assigned a USDOT number, is registered with FMCSA to engage in interstate transportation of household goods, and has the proper level of insurance.
You can determine if a mover is registered with FMCSA by visiting, or calling FMCSA at 800-832-5660 for licensing and insurance information.

Read and Understand All Information Provided by the Mover

The mover should provide you with the following basic documents as part of your move:



The estimate should clearly describe, in writing, all charges for services the mover will perform. If there are more items to move, the mover must prepare a new estimate. Make sure the estimate is signed by the mover. Do not accept oral estimates.


Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is a contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings. The bill of lading must be signed and dated by you and your mover at origin and destination.


Inventory List

The inventory is the receipt showing each item you shipped and its condition. Be sure you receive a written copy of the inventory after you household goods are loaded, and that you agree with its description of your household goods’ condition.


Applicable Transportation Charges

The charges that a mover assesses for its services must be contained in a published tariff, which must be made available to you upon request. If you feel that a mover has overcharged you, contact the Surface Transportation Board at (202) 245-0238 for further assistance.

What if There Is a Problem?

Dispute Settlement Program

Before moving your household goods, interstate movers are required to provide you with information regarding their dispute settlement program. Movers must offer a neutral dispute settlement program as a means of settling disputes that may arise concerning loss or damage of your household goods.

Loss or Damage of Goods

If your goods are damaged or missing at delivery, request a company claim form from the mover. Complete the claim form to the best of your ability. The mover will tell you where to mail the completed form. You must file a written claim with the mover within 9 months of delivery. Your claim must be in writing but does not have to be submitted on a mover’s claim form. It is suggested that you send the claims information to the mover by certified mail.
If you are not satisfied with the settlement offer made by the mover, you have the option of submitting a loss and damage claim with the mover’s dispute settlement program or to seek other legal remedies.

Filing a Complaint

FMCSA does not have the authority to resolve claims against a moving company. However, you may file a complaint against a mover by visiting or calling 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST. Your complaint may trigger a federal enforcement investigation against the mover.

Arbitration Program

Any mover who engages in interstate moves must offer an Arbitration Program, which is a form of resolution that doesn’t require hiring an attorney. If an individual shipper requests to go to arbitration, the mover is required to cover claims of $10,000 or less. For claims over $10,000, the mover must cover claims only if they agree to the arbitration.

You can also download the full Ready to Move Brochure here.

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My Moovers team was incredible! Enrique, Juan, and Victor did a great job. They didn’t let the bitter cold or blustery snow slow them down. I still don’t know how they carry so many boxes at once. They were super efficient, friendly, and pleasant to work with. I haaaaate moving, but I hope I get this crew next time! Thanks again. 🙂

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Kari Terzino

This was my first time using Moovers Chicago. They were ahead of schedule, so they called to see if they could arrive early. Enrique, Abner, Nick and Mariuin were extremely efficient and professional. They managed to finish my move in 3 hours, when the estimate was for 4-6. Would definitely use this company again!

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Jamie Bushman

The Moovers team made my recent move to Chicago an easy process. Felipe, who led a team including Miguel and Jose, made a fantastic trio. They made sure everything got down, over, and up into my new place quickly and in perfect condition. While moves can be stressful, they made the day easier to manage, and everyone behind the scenes made sure I understood the costs and timing. Thanks, Moovers!

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Amanda Carlson

Hired for a 3 bedroom apartment move and Marcos and his crew were amazing!! They completed our move very quickly - in half the estimated time. We came in waaay under the estimated cost! Would 100% use them for every and any move going forward. After a terrible experience with Two Men and a Truck around this same move I was very pleasantly surprised at how different this company was!
Book them and never look back!

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Sara Mitchell-Guerra

These dudes are awesome! I cannot remember the names of all the movers, but Ceasar and his team were great! We gave them cupcakes after such an amazing job they did. Unfortunately there was an error on my end with giving them my number, but despite that they absolutely crushed our move! They were fantastic and I could not give them enough praise! They even performed under our estimated quote. My fiance and I could not be happier. They earned their tip fair and square. No damage to anything and all of our stuff was treated with care.

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Allie George

We moved from Chicago to the suburbs today with this company. I am truly amazed by the professionalism level of their two guys - Abner and Caesar. They arrived on time and were very polite in their behavior. They climbed 3 level of stairs without even resting for a bit. They were very careful and diligent in moving our stuff without a single scratch or damage. I would like to recommend this business to everyone looking for movers service in Chicago area.

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Ankita Ghosh

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