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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company in Chicago

May 4, 2021

Planning a move in Chicago? You’ll want to hire a moving company in Chicago to do the job.

Hiring a licensed moving company has many benefits over doing the move by yourself. You spend less energy, time, and money compared to DIY moving and you get to focus on important affairs. You’ll be free to attend to other aspects of the move like dealing with documents.

There’s also less chance of injuries or damages to your things when professionals handle the move. They’ll use professional tools and techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings. Yet making the wrong choices with a moving company can make the move a stressful nightmare.

There are many residential and commercial moving companies for you to choose from. Knowing the factors to consider is important. Read on because here are seven factors to consider when choosing a moving company in Chicago.

1. Do Some Research and Seek Recommendations

Do some research by looking up residential and commercial moving companies in Chicago. Visit moving companies’ websites and go over their services and promises. Make sure to read online reviews of the ones you find.

People will leave feedback on good or bad experiences. Both of these are important to know before you decide on a moving company.

The internet shouldn’t be your only point of reference. Seek recommendations from family and friends in the area.

Asking from those who’ve recently moved is also good practice. Recommendations from personal experience can help you find reliable and trustworthy moving companies.

When you ask for recommendations from people, ask about the circumstances of their move as well. This will help you better determine if their good experience will be suitable for your own needs too.

2. Experience and Track Record

Find out how long a moving company has been operating so you can gauge their experience. The longer a moving company has been operating, the more experience they’ll have.

This means the moving company will be familiar with all the regulations as well techniques for a hassle-free move. You can count on quality service for moving companies with more than four years of experience.

When you talk to a moving company you’re interested in, ask about their previous work. Have they moved families before? Do they have experience in transporting delicate or special items?

Find out about their track record too. Do they adhere to established schedules? Do they maintain fair rates?

New companies may offer some special services or packages. Unless they have rave reviews, be cautious when hiring new companies. If you want to be on the safe side, go for companies with long and reputable track records.

3. License and Insurance

Make sure to look for moving companies with proper insurance and license. It’s easy for a group of people to buy a truck and call themselves professional movers. Only those with formal approval are legally bound to secure your things.

A moving company should have insurance and a valid working permit to operate. Their moving license can be local or international. A working permit is a key proof of credibility before you can consider hiring a moving company.

While professionals know how to handle your things with care, accidents can still happen. Hiring a moving company with insurance is also vital.

You likely have expensive electronics or furniture among the things to move. You don’t want to incur the extra cost of replacing or fixing items damaged in the move.

4. Cost and Transparent Rates

Find out about the moving company’s cost as well. Pricing may vary from company to company.

Compare moving fees between several companies. Consider the features and services that come with these fees.

Note that moving rates will also differ according to the distance you’re moving as well as the number of items to move. Some moving companies charge based on the number of hours or movers. Others have fixed prices for the entire moving process.

Ask for estimates when you inquire with a moving company. Keep in mind that they’ll give you a base rate. This doesn’t include extra costs like packing materials or higher fees for moving larger objects.

Moving companies can only give a general estimate of the total cost. Ask about what extra fees might be. If they aren’t transparent about these, it’s best to move on.

5. Customer Service

Gauge how much respect a moving company accords to their customers. Like in any business, customers should expect due respect as part of quality customer service. You should expect the moving company to grant the same care to your valuable possessions.

A reliable moving company must be effective with their communication and listens to your needs. When you inquire with a moving company in Chicago, observe how they respond. Assess their customer service before deciding to hire them.

6. Do They Meet Your Specific Needs?

Moving can have many variables based on the specific circumstances of each person. Some move with families and some move with pets. When considering a company, think about what your specific needs are.

Does the moving company have a truck of the right size? Make sure that the moving company you hire is capable of accommodating all your things. Also, will they be able to abide by your property’s physical constraints?

Find out if the company can meet any special needs like items requiring special handling. Does the company provide extra packing supplies as needed?

7. Extra Services

Look up the different moving services offered by the company. Besides moving your things, you might want to avail of extra services for convenience. These can include, packing, installing/assembling furniture, and storage.

Hire a Moving Company in Chicago Now

If you’re looking to hire a moving company in Chicago, there are many factors you should consider. You need to make sure that the company you hire is legitimate and experienced. Find out about the costs so you know how much you’ll spend. Make sure that the company you hire can meet your individual moving needs.

If you’re interested, inquire with us at Moovers Chicago. Contact us today to get an estimate and begin your move.



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