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A Complete Checklist for Your Office Move

Jan 29, 2023

Experts expect 36.2 million workers will work remotely by 2025. Your workers may join this growing crowd. If this happens, your business may need to move to a smaller office. 

In this situation, you should find the office move checklist below useful. It will help you remember everything that you need to do when packing and moving. Read on! 

Calculate Your Office Move Budget 

Finish the logistics of purchasing and reserving your new office first. Then you need to start planning your move. You should make budgeting a priority. 

Your budget will control every aspect of choosing a moving service, buying new furniture, etc. Figure it out first to make sure that you don’t spend too much on your business move. 

Start Planning Your Business Move 

You can start planning your office move after you finish with the budget. Make sure to write down every step of the process. You may also want to ask for suggestions from your employees about the move. 

Also, don’t just include steps like loading and unloading. Include steps like starting services and calling business associates as well. In doing so, everything will be in one place and you won’t forget anything. 

Inform Employees About the Office Move 

Don’t leave your employees unaware. They can help you plan and implement your business move. Inform them about the move a few months before it happens. 

In addition, even if you’re planning a local move, your in-office employees will need to change their commute. They will appreciate having plenty of time to plan. They will need time to figure out how to deal with a new commute. 

Assign Employees Different Roles 

Your business move will happen faster and more smoothly with the right organization. Make sure that your employees know who will do what. You should also ask them what roles they want and try to assign rules based on that. 

For example, you can assign different groups of employees to handle packing and moving items in different areas of the office. If you’re not hiring moving services (not a good idea), assign some employees to drive back and forth with furniture loads. 

Purchase Necessary Supplies 

You should have enough boxes, packing tape, etc. to cover the entire office move. You should also get some labels and/or sharpies as well. This way, you know what’s in the boxes and move them to the right place after loading and unloading. 

You can also buy other necessary items during this process as well. For instance, you should make sure that you have enough keys or access cards to the new building. You can also order any new furniture you need. 

Take Pictures of Your Office Furniture 

You may lose some items between the processes of packing and moving to loading and unloading. Any insurance you have could cover this. However, your insurance will need proof that you once had those items in your office. 

Take as many photos and/or videos as you can of all the furnishings in your office. Organize them on your computer by room, type, or otherwise. 

Connect All of Your New Utilities 

You don’t want to arrive at your new office only to find that nothing works. Make sure that you call and/or email the gas, internet, electricity, and other services a few weeks before you move into the new office building. 

You may also want to pair these calls and/or emails with others. Contact any business associates and loyal customers to inform them of your move. You also should contact your landlord to inform them of the move if you haven’t already. 

Adjust Your Company’s Files and Other Information 

Your business’s information should look right after the office move. Change the addresses on the company website, social media accounts, bank accounts, and other important places. 

Back up all your business’s important information during this time as well. Important files should include items such as contracts, insurance information, and employee files. 

Check Your New Office and Make Blueprints 

Once you’ve contacted the utility companies, travel to your new office. Test wi-fi, electrical appliances, etc. 

Take pictures of your new office as well. Use them to plan where all the furniture will go. If you can, draw out a detailed blueprint to act as a guide for employees. 

Choose Your Moving Services Carefully 

You can easily find plenty of moving company horror stories. Dishonest moving companies can break items and quickly raise prices. To avoid this, you need to find the right moving company. 

Look at Reviews 

You can get quality information from customer reviews. However, you need to know how to spot fake reviews. In doing so, you’ll avoid getting false information. 

Learn About Services 

Figure out the exact services you need and make sure the moving service has them. For example, you may need your items stored temporarily as you get your new office ready for business. Make sure the moving company can provide this service for you. 

Check the Company’s Lifespan 

Get a longstanding local company to handle your local move. Do not use a franchise. Local movers will know the area and can get your items to your new office quickly. 

In addition, a well-established company with years of service must have a history of good service. If they didn’t offer this, customers would have abandoned them long ago. This would have caused the company to go under. 

Let Us Handle Your Chicago Office Move 

You will experience stress during any office move. However, you can make your move more stressful by passing over effective planning. Reduce the stress you’ll feel by following the steps above. 

We can also help you make your move less stressful. We assisted hundreds of Chicago movers, commercial and residential, with storage, packing and moving, and/or loading and unloading. Get a free estimate by filling out the form at the bottom of this page



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