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    Moving to Pilsen Chicago IL

    Looking for a vibrant, family-friendly but energetic community? You should consider moving to Pilsen.

    Pilsen: A colorful neighborhood overflowing with arts, culture, and community

    In 2018, Forbes named Pilsen one of the “12 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World” for good reason. This vibrant neighborhood has a of a rich arts and culture scene. Additionally Pilsen is home to a large Latino community including many families. The community, located on the Lower West Side, is made up of historic buildings, single-family homes, and condos where colorful murals grace the sides of many buildings.

    Find a variety of local art galleries and music venues in Pilsen. One of the most well-known is Thalia Hall, which is a historic theater known for bringing in a diverse lineup of comedians and indie artists. The National Museum of Mexican Art is also located in Pilsen.

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