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    Moving to The Loop Area Chicago IL

    This is the heart of Chicago with all the benefits but with all the crowds. Considering moving to The Loop?

    The Loop: The center of downtown Chicago, with access to major cultural attractions, parks, shopping, and dining

    If you are looking for modern, high-rise living in the bustle of downtown Chicago, then the Loop is for you. Since it’s the true center of the city, the Loop offers convenient access to attractions, other Chicago neighborhoods, as well as Lake Michigan.

    Since all the major train lines converge in The Loop, transportation throughout the area is simple. In fact, The Loop derives its name from the fact the train lines form a “loop” around this area. Additionally some of city’s biggest attractions are in this area (for example, the Art Institute, the “Bean”, etc.), so it can be noisy and touristy. At the same time, it is in the midst amazing shopping and dining.

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