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Relocating Your Business? Here’s What To Expect From Your Professional Movers

Nov 22, 2019

There are many reasons a business may need to relocate. You could have outgrown your current space, can’t absorb a rent increase, or you simply want a better location. Regardless of the reason, hiring professional movers will make the move easier.

Moving a business is no easy task and will require a plan and involvement from your whole team. Days or even weeks before the movers arrive, your team will need to perform important tasks. First, create a checklist to ensure an easy transition. 

You’ll need to work with business relocation movers to coordinate the timeline and outline specific objectives. You’ll also want to ensure minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the move. Continue reading to understand what you can expect when you hire a commercial moving company.

Why You Should Hire Professional Movers?

The strongest argument or hiring professional movers is the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that your office equipment is in good hands. The movers will arrive on the scheduled day of the move and at the time specified.  

Once everything is unloaded, your team can get busy setting up the new office. If you have planned your move correctly, your boxes and equipment are clearly identified. This will allow the movers to place each item in the designated office. 

Plus, moving companies have licensed and insured movers. If anything is damaged or missing after inventory is taken, you can file a claim or reimbursement.

It’s Faster

The average person has no clue what it takes to move an entire office. Most moving companies have a fleet of trucks so chances are they can get your items to the new location in one trip. This will save a lot of time.

It is preferable to move a business during nonbusiness hours. Look for a moving company that offers unpacking and set-up services. If you choose a company that does not provide this, you always have the option of having employees set-up their own workspaces.

There are companies that will do this or you. In the end, you’ll need to weigh the cost of the service against lost production time doing it internally.

They Have the Equipment and Staff

A commercial moving company has all of the equipment and staff needed to complete the job. Depending on the size of the business relocating, they may have to secure additional trucks, labor, and equipment.

This should not be a concern or a client. In most instances, you won’t even know it. When a moving company wants your business, they will do whatever it takes to earn your trust and your contract.

So whether it is additional trucks, dollies, ramps, or pallet jacks, they will arrive on time with everything they need. This includes enough staff to honor their contract. 

Avoid Injury to Employees

Because professional movers are licensed and insured there is no reason to put your employees at risk or injury. As an employer, you must adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards administered by the United States Department of Labor.

Employers can find themselves in a lot of trouble, both legally and financially if an employee is injured doing work outside the scope of what they were hiring. Your workplace may also be in a condition during the move that could render the location unsafe.

Employees have the right to refuse to perform duties outside of their general duties, especially if the work is deemed as dangerous to their wellbeing.

Avoid these situations by hiring people that are trained to perform these duties.  

They Work on Weekends

As mentioned above, conducting a move of this magnitude is best done on the weekends or when your business is closed. Moving during a weekend also means there is less traffic to contend with, especially if you are in a large metropolitan area.

Having a business downtown can also be impeded by traffic and cause significant delays. Pushing back your move a week or two to secure a weekend move may be worth it. 

Let your desires be known by the moving company and work with them to come up with the best solution. Doing the move overnight is another option. Coordinate a schedule with the movers that are best for you and your team. 

It’s Cost-effective

Hiring professional movers is cost-effective. When you take into consideration every aspect of moving a company from point A to Point B, the saving is undeniable. 

There is a huge probability that you do not own a box or freight truck. You do not have employees that are trained in moving an office or office equipment. Most importantly you’re not insured to conduct office moves.

The money you will save hiring a commercial moving company can go towards overtime pay. You’ll want your employees to have their workspace back to normal as quickly as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning a move is leased equipment in your office. Check your leasing contract to see if they are responsible for relocating copiers, printers, and even computers. This could reduce the cost of your move.

It Will Alleviate Stress

Knowing that your office is packed up safely and transported by skilled professionals is a load off your back and mind. Stress can impact productivity and lead to a huge headache. You alleviate that stress and focus on keeping your business operations flowing so the move is not a major disruption to your clients.

Also, keep in mind that your employees are feeling the emotional pains of moving as well. Once the move is complete, treat them to lunch.

Are You Ready to Move?

Hiring professional movers has benefits that outweigh doing it yourself. With the right game plan, you will be up and running in your new location. 

Are you looking for the best moving companies Chicago has for business relocation? Look no further. Our staff is highly trained and qualified. Contact us today to discuss your move and receive a free moving estimate.



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