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    10 Things To Prepare In Advance Of Your Oak Park Home Move

    Moving Services in Oak Park, IL

    Moovers Chicago is the premier movers for Oak Park.

    Moving home can be a stressful experience, especially when you’ve usually got a limited amount of time to complete the move and you’ve also got so many things to do. Here at Moovers Chicago we’ve helped many people move to and from properties across Chicago and Illinois. If you’re moving to a new place in Oak Park, there are plenty of things that you will have on your mind, but this checklist will help you to simplify the move and make it a little bit easier.

    1. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time When Choosing Moving Day
      • Once you’ve secured your home in Oak Park it can be tempting to choose the earliest possible completion and moving day, but make sure you have enough time to get everything ready in your current home for the move.
    2. Hire Moovers Chicago For Your Home Move
      • We offer competitive professional home moving services that can really take the pressure off when it comes to moving day, as our team will collect and move your furniture and possessions over to your new home.
    3. Start Packing As Early As You Can
      • Once you know when your moving day is going to be, start going through each room, and gradually packing all of the non-essential and decorative items, so that you only have the essentials and everyday items left by the time you get to the day before moving day.
    4. Take Care With Delicate Items
      • Clothing can be particularly vulnerable to damage or getting dirty during a move, so pack these appropriately, and we do have wardrobe boxes to purchase if needed. We can also rent a TV box if you haven’t retained the original packaging of your television.
    5. Keep Children And Pets Away During The Move
      • We do ask that you have children and pets elsewhere on moving day. We want to move all of your furniture and possessions efficiently, and wouldn’t want them getting injured as we move.
    6. Secure Parking Spaces For The Moving Truck
      • If the two properties in the home move don’t have a driveway, we do ask that you secure a parking spot for our truck outside the properties, so that we can get everything moved promptly and on time for you.
    7. Dis-assemble Larger Furniture Items
      • Some larger items like wardrobes or shelving units are best moved in their constituent parts, so we ask that you dis-assemble these and pack them for moving in this way. We do offer a furniture packing and dis-assembly service if you’d like us to help with this.
    8. Let Us Know If You Need To Reschedule
      • Ideally we try and be as flexible as we can, but if you do have to reschedule the move, if you can give us 72 hours notice then we are happy to reschedule for free.
    9. Plan For Utilities And Services In Your New Home
      • Getting services such as utilities and internet connection can take a little while, so plan ahead and schedule these appointments in advance where possible.
    10. Pack A Box Of Essentials For Your First Night In Your Oak Park Home
      • Leave your essentials for the last box to be packed, so that you can simply unpack this first, and have a few home comforts on your first night while you start to unpack the rest.

    What Our Customers Are Saying About Us | Oak park, IL

    My Moovers team was incredible! Enrique, Juan, and Victor did a great job. They didn’t let the bitter cold or blustery snow slow them down. I still don’t know how they carry so many boxes at once. They were super efficient, friendly, and pleasant to work with. I haaaaate moving, but I hope I get this crew next time! Thanks again. 🙂

    Kari Terzino

    This was my first time using Moovers Chicago. They were ahead of schedule, so they called to see if they could arrive early. Enrique, Abner, Nick and Mariuin were extremely efficient and professional. They managed to finish my move in 3 hours, when the estimate was for 4-6. Would definitely use this company again!

    Jamie Bushman

    The Moovers team made my recent move to Chicago an easy process. Felipe, who led a team including Miguel and Jose, made a fantastic trio. They made sure everything got down, over, and up into my new place quickly and in perfect condition. While moves can be stressful, they made the day easier to manage, and everyone behind the scenes made sure I understood the costs and timing. Thanks, Moovers!

    Amanda Carlson

    Hired for a 3 bedroom apartment move and Marcos and his crew were amazing!! They completed our move very quickly – in half the estimated time. We came in waaay under the estimated cost! Would 100% use them for every and any move going forward. After a terrible experience with Two Men and a Truck around this same move I was very pleasantly surprised at how different this company was!
    Book them and never look back!

    Sara Mitchell-Guerra

    These dudes are awesome! I cannot remember the names of all the movers, but Ceasar and his team were great! We gave them cupcakes after such an amazing job they did. Unfortunately there was an error on my end with giving them my number, but despite that they absolutely crushed our move! They were fantastic and I could not give them enough praise! They even performed under our estimated quote. My fiance and I could not be happier. They earned their tip fair and square. No damage to anything and all of our stuff was treated with care.

    Allie George

    We moved from Chicago to the suburbs today with this company. I am truly amazed by the professionalism level of their two guys – Abner and Caesar. They arrived on time and were very polite in their behavior. They climbed 3 level of stairs without even resting for a bit. They were very careful and diligent in moving our stuff without a single scratch or damage. I would like to recommend this business to everyone looking for movers service in Chicago area.

    Ankita Ghosh

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