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Moving Out When Your New Home Isn’t Ready and How Moving Services Help

Jul 19, 2021

Uprooting your life to move to a new home is never easy. This is because it is impossible to plan the perfect move where all your dates magically line up all the time. You may have a rental or lease agreement that can have different move-in or move-out dates. This throws many people off because you may need to deal with unexpected delays. Your old house may not sell as fast, or the new one may not be ready after you have already moved out. These are problems that many renters and homeowners stress about. Here is how you can move out when your new home is not ready and why you should consider hiring moving services to make the process easier.

Get a Temporary New Home

This is one of the best ways to keep things simple. If you have a period of transitional housing where you are leaving your old nest, and the new one is not ready yet, you should find quality long-term housing.

If you opt for this choice, you need to think about the comfort of your family and other loved ones who live with you. For instance, you need a place that is all ready and furnished completely. This is important because you will have all your belongings packed away in boxes and taped up in storage.

It would be a significant hassle for you to keep packing and unpacking your own personal items if you want to find a toaster or kettle for breakfast in the mornings.

Getting a furnished temporary new home will save you from many hassles because you only need to bring the necessities like your own clothes instead of unpacking all your couches, beds, and wardrobes.

Stay in School District

Even if your new home is not ready for you yet, you should not move too far from where your kids go to school. This is necessary because you may be moving when school is still on, and children cannot miss classes.

Instead of disrupting your family’s usual routine, you should book a temporary accommodation close to their school.

Otherwise, your kids may be forced to take a vacation, but it will not be the most fun trip because it will involve moving services like packing and unloading. 

Think About Utilities

Depending on the people you are renting or buying from, you need to think about your utility bills. This includes the ones for your old house and the new one. Have you got all your utilities set up in the new home? Have you disconnected the ones you do not need from the old residence?

If you are getting utilities covered as part of the rental cost, this is great news and makes life much easier. However, most people need to set up their own accounts for water, heating, electricity, internet, phone, etc.

It is always best to be transparent about your obligations before signing any agreements. Then you need to get in touch with all the companies to sort out your accounts in time before you move into your new home.

Temporary Mail Forwarding

It is also important to set up a temporary mail forwarding service. This way, people can still stay in touch with you while going through the transitional housing period.

When you are set up and cozy in the new home, you can proudly start giving out your new address and contact details to everyone.

This is a much more efficient option than filling out a Change of Address (COA) form twice when you go to the United States Postal Service. You can pick the regular forwarding service where mail is sent to you piece-by-piece.

Or you can opt for the premium service where all your mail gets packaged together before it is shipped directly through priority mail to anywhere you are staying.

Choosing Necessities

If you need to be in temporary accommodation for a few days, you need to consider the items you need to set aside. You should then let your Chicago movers know that some boxes must be sent to another location while the remaining can be locked away in storage.

If you have booked a furnished home or apartment, you will not need kitchen supplies and large pieces of heavy furniture like a bed or couch. However, you should pack clothes, toiletries, food, drinks, medications, and anything else you need to use immediately.

It can be challenging to pack every essential your children might need. If you do not have enough time, you can hire packing services from your moving company. They can take care of packing all the other items while you focus solely on the essentials.

Storing Items

If you have storage options available, you should use this during the transitional period. Your moving company may have its own storage facilities that you can purchase. Alternatively, there are plenty of storage facilities to choose from.

Many can even send a container off at your home that you need to arrange. Then they will pick it up when you are all done packing. Your Chicago movers will then take all your belongings to the storage facility of your choice.

When your new home is ready and you are eager to move in right away, you can schedule this with your moving company. Let them know which date you want to move, and they can transport all your items out of your storage facility and drop them off at the new residence.

Enjoy Your New Adventure

Moving to a new home can be the most exciting experience if you are not too overwhelmed. It is best to hire the most reputable Chicago movers because we can help pack up your old home and transport your belongings to the new house.

If the new home is not ready, we are always by your side to minimize all the stress. Give us a call today to get a quote, and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.



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