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The Most Beautiful Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods

Oct 6, 2023

Most people know Chicago for its pizza and Al Capone. The city does, however, have more claims to fame than just that. It’s the location of the first open-heart surgery, the world’s first brownie, and the first-ever splitting of the atom. Still, newcomers may have concerns about living in Chicago, particularly downtown. They worried that the hustle and bustle of the city might interfere with their quality of life. Are there any downtown Chicago neighborhoods that are safe, beautiful, and great to live in?

There are, and plenty to choose from. The Second City is a vibrant, diverse place with something for everyone. Join us as we take a look at the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

Logan Square 

Chicago living is often tied with hipster culture, and that’s proudly on display in Logan Square. Milwaukee Avenue, the main thoroughfare, often gets the nickname “Hipster Highway.” Popular locales like Alex’s Attic and El Dorado operate out of this artsy slice of the city.

There’s plenty more to see, such as the Art Deco-styled Logan Theater. They regularly show old flicks and offer a full bar for after your viewing, here. If not that, then there are plenty of cafés, galleries, and music venues to sate your urge for weekend socializing.

Logan Square also is the perfect destination for lovers of a good cold brew. You’ll find some of the best coffeehouses here to enjoy a cup of Joe and get some work done.

Logan Square homes hover around $450,000 on average. Rent settles around and even $2,000. Hire movers in Chicago to help make Hipster Highway your home.


Looking for safe neighborhoods in Chicago to raise a family? Andersonville is a prime choice. It’s somewhat isolated from the downtown buzz, and just short of being a suburb.

Despite this, it has some excellent Chicago sightseeing for you and the little ones. A tour down Clark Street will take you past the Swedish American Museum. There’s also the once-a-year Midsommarfest and plenty of local businesses to shop from. 

Think of Andersonville as a downtown home – close to the action – without a lot of the downsides of inner-city living. There is an excellent selection of schools to choose from. Locals know it to be a community-oriented place that’s accepting of all.

Expect housing prices to hover around $475,000, but with cheaper rent at about $1,500. Get the help of moving companies in Chicago to cart all your kids’ stuff to your new place.

The Loop

Chicago is well known for its bizarre, bent-donut-shaped sculpture: The Loop. It’s a giant, chromed monument sitting on the Lake Michigan waterfront. People living in this area get access to the best downtown Chicago has to offer.

Living here, you’ll regularly get to walk through Millennium Park and the Chicago Riverwalk. You can drop by Willis Tower for a bird’s eye view of the city. Or, wait until August for Lollapalooza, one of the world’s biggest music festivals.

You won’t need a car, as you’ll have convenient access to the L-Train. Traveling around Chicago is never easier than when easy-access public transport is right at your doorstep. Young professionals will love this area for advancing their careers and shortening their commutes.

Home values are significantly lower here, at about $290,000. Apartments, on the other hand, are some of the most expensive in the city. Expect to pay $2,700 on average. 

A moving company in Chicago can make sure your valuables make it safely to your new apartment or home.


If Logan Square is for hipsters, then Pilsen is for artists. This is the home of some of the best museums and galleries. Take, for example, the National Museum of Mexican Art, the best place to see photography, paintings, and textiles from Mexican culture.

The art here extends beyond the museums. You’ll find tons of murals along the faces of buildings and street sides.

There is a strong ethnic influence here from Mexican Americans and Eastern Europeans. As a result, the neighborhood makes for an excellent spot to grab breakfast burritos, chorizo, and margaritas. 

Rent is cheaper in Pilsen for a one-bedroom apartment. Anticipate about $1,100, or about $400,000 if you plan to own a home. Affordable movers in Chicago can further help you to reduce the cost.


Northalsted once had the name “Boystown.” It was the first gay neighborhood in Chicago, given official recognition in 1997.

If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly community, Northalsted is probably the ticket. In terms of safe neighborhoods in Chicago for LGBT folk, it’s important to know you have a supportive and accepting community.

This history has ripples affecting the nightlife around Northalsted, too. It’s a great place to watch a drag show or enjoy a brunch. Lakeview’s Legacy Walk is, in general, an excellent place to peruse small businesses and monuments to Pride.

Home prices sit close to other average home prices on this list at about $480,000. One-bedroom apartments are quite costly, so prepare for $2,000 or so in rent.

Ukrainian Village

Ukraine has unfortunately been the subject of much tragic news lately. A shame, since it has such a vibrant culture. South of Wicker Park, you’ll stumble upon the especially unique Ukrainian Village borough. 

Here, you’ll find the second-largest Ukrainian/Ukrainian-American population in the US. Walking the streets, you may hear snatches of conversation in Ukraine’s Slavic language. You might even see vyshyvanka (those colorful, embroidered shirts) and restaurants selling borsch. 

Despite its Ukrainian heritage, there’s still plenty of style and American fun to be had here. There are farm-to-table restaurants, alternative music shows, and plenty of great museums. 

Homes cost an above-average $515,000 for a median property. Rent is also on the more expensive side at approximately $2,600. After your moving service in Chicago helps you settle in, get to know your neighbors, and maybe learn some Ukrainian!

Get Help With Your Move to Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods

Downtown Chicago neighborhoods offer a great deal of flexibility and variety. Whether you have a big family or are living with just a dog, there are places that fit your vibe and lifestyle. In particular, you can find reasonable rent or home-buying prices to fit your budget.

Looking for moving services in Chicago to help you make the Second City your home? Give us a ring and we’ll help you plan a smooth, painless move. 



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