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When Do Business Moves Make the Most Sense?

Oct 13, 2022

It’s the right move! 21% of people who moved in 2019 moved for work-related reasons. Many people left their hometowns and jobs because their offices were not in convenient places. 

Business moves can help you retain your talent pool. However, it can be costly or inconvenient if you don’t start planning a move the right way. You need to find the perfect opportunity to move your business and start over. 

What should encourage you to move your business? What should your new office look like? How can you make your workers’ lives more comfortable in your new location? 

Answer these questions and you can maximize the benefits of moving a business. Here is your quick guide.

Rental and Lease Expenses

One of the most common reasons for office moves is rental fees. Your landlord can increase your rental fees and make it hard for you to pay the bills. You may be able to negotiate with your landlord, but most refuse to compromise. 

Leasing expenses can also increase with little warning. You should look at your contract to see if an increase in your expenses is legal or expected.

If it isn’t legal, you should talk to a lawyer. If it is, you should think about moving away so you avoid high expenses at the end of your lease agreement.

Start talking to property managers or realtors as soon as possible. Think of a price range for renting or leasing and be flexible with how much you are willing to spend. Though you should save money, an expensive property may have better features than a cheap property. 

A lease contract usually covers a longer period of time than a rent contract. If you want to stay in your new office for a year or more, you should look for a lease. 

New Space Needs

As your business expands, your business space should also expand. You need enough room for all of your employees to have desks or cubicles. You need conference rooms, storage rooms, and kitchens. 

Before you start hiring new employees or running new operations, you need to make a company move. Find a location that gives you more space than you need so you don’t make another move for a while. 

Keep in mind that you may not need to move out of your old location completely. You may need to open another office in your area and relocate some of your employees to it. Figure out your space needs and think about a few solutions to your problem. 

You may need to reduce your space if you are spending a lot of money on electricity or air conditioning. If you have rooms you don’t use in your office, you should find another location. 

Foot Traffic

If your business relies on foot traffic, you need to find a space near places where people gather. It’s okay to be on the end of a street, as long as you market your business and create strong visuals to grab people’s attention. 

However, you should be as close to commercial centers as possible. Being just one block away can cut down on your foot traffic. 

You should also locate your store close to public transportation. Someone using the train or bus may be inclined to buy something just because you’re nearby. 

A competing business may move into your area and take away some of your foot traffic. Think about how you can compete with your business and reclaim your traffic back.

You can advertise yourself as the most experienced or traditional business in the area. If your advertisements don’t work, you should then think about moving away.

If you’re having strong online sales but poor live sales, you may want to close your store and focus on your online operations. You should do this if your building expenses are significant. You still need to hire a commercial moving company so you can move your supplies out and clean the space.

Different Features

Newer office buildings have many features that may be desirable for your business. They tend to use environmentally friendly materials like recycled glass and steel. Moving into an environmentally friendly building can make you seem responsible and compassionate, increasing your customer loyalty. 

New buildings have safety features like automatic fire sprinklers, accessible exits, and security cameras. If you have experienced a break-in or fire, you should consider moving to a building with these features. 

You should have access to free parking for your employees and clients. It is okay if your employees use public transportation, but having a few spots open gives your workers options for their commutes. 

You should also have free internet. Internet access may be difficult in your current office, and you should move if your connection is slow.

61% of workers choose not to go to their workplace. Perks like an exercise center or daycare can encourage your employees to spend more time at the office. Find a location with interesting and desirable perks that make your office more livable and accessible. 

Timing Your Business Moves

Business moves may seem disruptive, but they can save you a lot of money. You can find a new place with cheaper rent or lease fees. You can find enough space for your workers, encouraging them to stay in the office. 

A new office or business location can help you attract more customers in major commercial areas. You can find a safe and modern building for yourself with access to parking, internet, and perks. 

If now is the time to move, you should start talking to movers immediately. Moovers Chicago serves businesses in the Chicago area. Contact us today.



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