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10 Tips for Hiring Local Moving and Packing Services

Jun 22, 2023

Just close a deal on a house? Maybe you’re switching apartments? Whatever the case may be, you’re looking to hire local movers

Before you go and hire the first professional movers you come across, however, you need to know: what sorts of things should you be looking for? What do you need to consider when choosing moving and packing services? 

We’re going to get into that question below, giving you 10 tips for hiring moving services and packing services. Let’s go! 

1. Check a Search Engine

The first thing you should do is check a search engine. Go to Google or Bing and then type in something to the effect of “local moving services” or “moving and packing services”. This will return you a list of movers who reside in your general area. 

Beside each mover’s name will be a star rating. You should assess these ratings and find the movers whose ratings are the best. You should then write their names down on a piece of paper. 

The goal here is to find a shortlist of suitable candidates. Once you have a list of 3 to 5 movers, you can compare their characteristics more thoroughly. 

We advise choosing companies with star ratings of at least 4. Star ratings well below 4 generally indicate that something is lacking in terms of service provided. 

2. Read Online Reviews 

While star ratings will give you a general idea of each moving company’s quality standing, they’re a surface-level indicator. If you really want to assess a mover’s quality, you’ll need to go deeper. You can do this by reading through customer reviews. 

Customer reviews enable you to see what past customers thought of their experiences with given moving companies. They help answer questions you might have and also enable you to thoroughly assess a moving company’s reputation. 

Maybe there’s something that a specific moving company does particularly wrong. If so, it will likely be reflected in online reviews, as several customers are bound to bring it up. 

Now, where can you find customer reviews for moving companies? They exist on sites like Facebook, Google, Angi, Yelp, and the like. Or, you could simply Google the company’s name, followed by the phrase “customer reviews”. 

3. Look Up Services Provided

Not all moving companies offer the same services. For instance, while some moving companies will only move items that have already been packed up, other moving companies provide packing services

Both options can be suitable. However, you might prefer one over the other. This is why, when assessing options, you should look up the services they provide. 

In most cases, you can do this by looking at their websites. Simply click on the ‘Services’ tab and read on. In the event that a mover doesn’t have a website, you’ll simply need to call them up and ask. 

4. Ask About the Equipment They Use

When moving items from one residence to the next, there is a variety of equipment that can be used. This equipment not only makes the process easier but also helps to ensure that items are moved safely. 

This is why, when hiring a moving company, you need to ask about the types of equipment they use. Inquire about dollies, wheeled carts, tie-down straps, plastic coverings, and the like. These will all help get your possessions from point A to point B in pristine condition. 

For a full list of moving equipment, click this

5. Make Sure They Provide Insurance

Even the best moving companies can’t guarantee that damage won’t occur to your possessions during transit. Accidents happen, even when the ultimate precautions are put in place. The important thing is that the moving company has insurance coverage and can therefore reimburse you for any damage that’s done. 

While most moving companies provide insurance coverage, there are some that don’t. Therefore, it’s imperative that you ask and have it written into your contract. 

Note that you might have to pay a bit extra for insurance coverage. While you can obviously do what you want, if it comes down to this, we strongly advise choosing to do so. Foregoing this coverage could cost you substantial amounts of money in the event that an accident occurs. 

6. Ensure That They’re Licensed

You’ll also need to ensure that your chosen moving company is licensed. If they’re not properly licensed, they’re operating illegally and can’t be trusted. Hiring an unlicensed company puts you at risk of being taken advantage of. 

In the state of Illinois, all moving companies must be licensed with the Illinois Commerce Commission. If these companies work outside of the state of Illinois, they must be registered with the US Department of Transportation. 

You can look up a company’s license in the state of Illinois by using the Illinois license lookup tool

7. See if They Serve Your Area

Many moving companies have parameters for the areas they will and won’t work in. They have these parameters to ensure that they’re not driving exceedingly long distances to provide their services. For some companies, driving such distances would cost them too much money and wouldn’t be worth their while. 

This is why, when choosing a moving company, you need to ensure that it’s able to serve your area. Some companies have a ‘service area’ map on their website. If your prospective moving company doesn’t have this, you’ll just need to call them. 

Note that many moving companies provide cross-country moving services. If you’re moving far outside of your current town, these are the companies you should look out for. 

8. Call Ahead of Time

Customer service means something. You don’t want to have to deal with unfriendly or unpleasant movers on your big day. This is why, before signing any contracts, you’re advised to call your prospective mover or packer’s office. 

Talk on the phone with whoever answers and gauge their receptiveness to your call. Are they friendly? Do they answer questions without resistance? 

If so, they’re likely a solid choice. Alternatively, if they’re short with you or if they seem to be withholding information, you should probably look elsewhere. Customer service alone can tell you a great deal about a company. 

9. Ask for Estimates

Cost matters. You likely don’t have endless financial resources. As such, when looking for a moving company, you need to ask for estimates. 

To obtain estimates, simply call up the companies you’re considering and explain the types of services you require. You’ll also need to describe the extent of the move. Any company worth its salt will offer you an estimate upon inquiry without any resistance. 

Once you have estimates in hand, you should compare them against one another. Note that high estimates don’t necessarily indicate that a company is better than the others. Conversely, low estimates don’t always give you the best deal. 

Some companies charge more than they’re truly justified to. On the other hand, some companies charge low prices because they’re lacking in some regard. For instance, they might not have the equipment needed to safely and securely transfer specific items. 

This is why cost should not be the only factor to consider. It’s important but must be weighed against the company’s other attributes.

10. Inquire About Additional Fees

Some moving companies tack on additional fees in excess of their initial fees. Some of these are necessary. Others are questionable at best. 

This is why, when seeking out moving companies, you need to explicitly ask them about said fees. Simply ask, “Are there any additional fees I’ll need to pay?”. Then, read through the contract before signing to ensure that you were, indeed, told the truth. 

Depending on the circumstances, additional fees can tally up to several hundreds of dollars. You may still opt to pay these hundreds. However, you should, at the very least, know what you’re up against. 

These costs can affect overall costs and, if hidden, can make it difficult for you to assess what a company truly charges. That’s why you should choose a company that’s 100% transparent about its fees. 

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