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12 Moving Tips for Families for a Stress-Free Experience

Sep 22, 2023

Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents say moving is more stressful than a breakup. Why?

Well, moving is a lot of work. You need to pack up your stuff, find a new place to live, and then unpack everything once you’re settled in.

If you’re moving with kids, it can be even more stressful. You need to make sure they’re comfortable with the move and that they feel like they are “home” when you arrive at your new place.

Fortunately, there are ways to make moving a little easier. Here are some moving tips for families to help you get through a move with your sanity intact.

1. Create a Moving Plan

A good moving plan is key to keeping stress levels down during your move. The easiest way to do this is by making a list of everything you need to do before and after you move.

This will help you stay organized and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You should also create a moving timeline so everyone knows what they are doing and when it needs to be completed.

2. Organize and Declutter

If you want to keep your sanity intact, you need to get organized before you move. Start by getting rid of items that are not essential to your lifestyle or will take up too much space in a new home.

Declutter your belongings so they are easier to pack and unpack when you arrive at your new home. If you find items that are no longer needed, donate them to charity or sell them at a yard sale.

3. Set a Moving Budget

A moving budget is essential to your household moving process. Set aside money for each aspect of the move, including packing supplies, boxes, transportation, and more.

To learn about moving costs, contact a professional moving company and discuss the services they provide. A budget can help you stay on track, so you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

4. Research Movers

One important thing to know is how to choose a moving company. You want to make sure that the company you choose is reputable and reliable.

Ask if the moving company has a license, how long the company has been in business, and if they have any reviews from past customers. Use the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against your chosen mover.

5. Gather Essential Supplies

You will need to gather the supplies you need to pack up your home. This includes packing materials such as bubble wrap, boxes, and tape.

You might also want to get a moving dolly or furniture pads that protect your furniture. A Chicago moving company can help you decide what supplies you need for your move.

6. Pack Smartly

If you want a stress-free move, you need to pack your belongings smartly. Make a packing list to help you know what needs to be packed and in which order.

Use this list when packing your belongings so that nothing gets forgotten. Label your boxes clearly so that you can easily identify them when they are being moved.

7. Empty the Garage

The garage is often the last place people think of when packing. But if your garage is full of things that are not used every day, then you should empty it before moving.

The best way to do this is to take everything out and organize it into piles. This will help you decide what needs to be packed and what you can throw away.

8. Involve the Kids

One of the best ways to make your move less stressful is to involve your kids. This will keep them busy, and they will feel like a part of the process.

You can get them involved in packing and labeling boxes so that they feel more connected with what is happening. This will help them feel less displaced and unsettled when they arrive at their new home.

9. Schedule Utilities

You should schedule all of your utilities before you move. This includes your internet, cable TV, electric and gas service.

If you don’t do this ahead of time, you will probably have to wait days or even weeks before they can hook them up at the new place. It is much easier to schedule all of this in advance so that you don’t have any problems once you move.

10. Pack an Essentials Box

You should pack an essentials box that contains all the items that you need to live on a day-to-day basis. This includes things like toiletries, clean clothes, food, and other important items.

If you don’t have an essentials box packed, then you may have to buy these things once you arrive at your new home. This can be costly, especially if you have a large family or pets.

11. Plan for Moving Day

Plan to minimize stress on moving day. Know when to take breaks during this process so that you don’t get tired or stressed out.

Make sure that everyone in your family knows when the move is going to happen and what their responsibilities are during this time. Have a moving day schedule ready so that you know what needs to be done and when.

12. Celebrate the Move

Once you’ve moved into one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals, celebrate this new chapter in your life. You’re now in a great place to raise children, start a family, or begin your career.

Make sure that you take some time out to enjoy your new home and all the perks it offers. You can also celebrate with friends and family who helped you move into your new place.

Moving Tips for Families: Make Things Easier for Everyone Involved

Moving into one of the safest Chicago neighborhoods can be a great experience. But it can also be stressful and difficult, especially if you’re moving with children. By following the above moving tips for families, you can make things easier and turn your move into a success.

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