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13 Reasons to Hire Unpacking Services for Your Next Move

Jul 4, 2023

Did you know that moving is the third most stressful event that can happen in your lifetime? It makes sense. Between packing, loading the truck, unpacking, and settling in at your new home, there’s too much to keep track of.

In today’s world, there are ways that you can spare yourself that stress- namely, by hiring professional services such as unpacking services. Sure, you could unpack on your own, but why would you want to?

In this article, we’ll explain many of the benefits of using professional movers and their unpacking services. You may not have even known all the ways hiring movers could help you!

All you need to do in order to learn these benefits is continue reading.

1. Save Time and Effort

Moving, as you might have already realized, requires a lot of time and energy. This only gets more true the further on in the moving process you are. By the time you’re ready to unpack, you’re exhausted and ready to be done.

Even if you don’t hire full moving services, hiring unpacking services will save you from the worst of the task of moving. They’ll be able to unpack your things quickly, putting them in each room that you need.

Unpacking will be done in record time, and all you’ll have to do is move things around to your taste. This, unlike unpacking, can be done at your leisure.

Since you didn’t have to waste time unpacking, there are plenty of other things you could be doing- like settling into your new neighborhood and introducing yourself!

2. Professionals Are More Efficient

Professional moving services have an established system in place for unpacking your belongings. This means that they’re far more efficient than unpacking on your own could be.

This efficiency matters when it comes to unpacking. The more efficient the services are, the less time and effort it takes for these professionals to unpack your belongings.

This means that you don’t have to supervise the people you hired for very long. They’ll be done and out of the building before you know it, leaving you to relax.

In addition, you can trust that none of your belongings will be left behind. The system professional movers have in place may differ from situation to situation, but their efficiency will not. You won’t regret leaving this work to the professionals while you focus on other things.

3. Protects Your Valuables

If you’ve ever moved houses before, then you know how difficult it can be to move without losing or damaging items. When you hire unpacking services, you don’t need to worry about this. 

Professional movers know how to unpack your items without causing any damage to them, no matter how fragile the item might be. They know how to handle various items without breaking them. In addition, professional moving services have systems in place to avoid losing anything.

If they do happen to accidentally damage or lose one of your items, you don’t need to worry. Professional movers are fully insured. If one of your items is lost or damaged, then the company will replace that item at no extra cost to you.

You can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe with unpacking services.

4. Less Stress and Anxiety

As stated before, moving is one of the most stressful events in life. In fact, forty-five percent of people said it’s the most stressful thing they’ve ever been through. Only divorce and the death of a loved one are ranked as more stressful.

With professional moving services, you get to avoid most of this stress. Professional movers will take care of everything that causes you stress and anxiety, whether it is the process of moving itself or the rush to unpack once you’re there.

Easing this stress and anxiety is one of the best things that unpacking services can do for you- it allows you to settle into your new home far easier than you would have otherwise. In addition, you can focus the energy you have into better things than stressing over the move.

5. Better Organization

Unless you take the time to develop a highly specific system before you ever move, professional moving and unpacking services will have better organization skills than you do. This is because professional movers have a specific organizational system in place that they adapt as needed.

Movers will pack your things room by room and arrange them in the truck according to where they should go in the new house. Then, when unpacking, they’ll be able to do this in reverse.

This system means that everything will have a place and everything will be in its place. This makes moving less hectic for everyone and more systematic, which helps to reduce stress and makes you feel more efficient.

Hiring unpacking services for their organizational skills alone might be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

6. Reliability

Let’s face the truth: you love your friends and family, but they’re not the people you want to turn to when it involves moving. Yes, this includes packing and unpacking. While families and friends will do a lot for you, they’re not the most reliable when it comes to the moving process.

Packing, moving, and unpacking takes a lot of time and effort. No matter how much the people in your life love you, they might not be able to devote the time it takes. They might say they can, only to back out at the last minute.

With moving services, you won’t have to worry about this. It’s the professional’s job to be reliable.

You can always count on professional moving services for the moving process. Invite your friends and family to celebrate once it’s done.

7. Less Chance of Injury

Moving is extremely physical work. It involves a lot of heavy lifting at some very awkward angles, sometimes with stairs involved.

Unless you’re trained in how to move things, there’s a high chance you could hurt your back or joints. If you’re disabled, have low strength, or have other problems, the chance of injury is practically a guarantee.

This is why you should leave packing and unpacking to the professionals. They know how to carefully lift and move each of your items, no matter how many stairs or awkward angles are involved. Professionals also have great equipment, meaning they’re much less likely to be injured.

8. Focus On Settling In

Hiring professional unpacking services will allow you to focus on more important things, such as settling in your new neighborhood. Settling in somewhere new can be a challenge. You’ll need to learn how to get everywhere and who you can trust.

When you’re unpacking on your own, you lose valuable time to learn these things. By hiring unpacking services, you won’t have to take that time. You can do something such as introducing yourself to your neighbors and finding out what you have in common.

You can also take rides through your neighborhood that you wouldn’t have been able to. Use this time to find your children’s new school, your new workplace, or the stores that you typically visit.

You’ll be grateful for this extra time to settle in once you feel right at home.

9. Better Equipment

When thinking about hiring professional movers, one important thing to consider is how good their equipment is. Does the unpacking company have equipment that would better suit your moving needs than your own equipment? The answer is almost certainly yes.

Full-service moving companies have access to more equipment than the average person has. This includes a wide range of sizes in moving trucks, as well as loading equipment to load all your belongings.

By hiring a professional moving company to pack and unpack your belongings, you’re ensuring that you’ll have access to the best equipment possible. This means that your move will be completed with great efficiency and fewer injuries than the average move.

10. Move Coordination

As most companies offer unpacking services as part of a full moving services plan, you’ll have built-in move coordination services when you hire professional movers.

Move coordination is more than worth the money it costs you. Moving is a hectic process with far too many steps to keep track of on your own.

When you hire professional movers to help you, you won’t have to keep track of those steps on your own! The moving service you hire will help you every step of the way, so you always know how much you’ve done and how much you have to do. 

In addition, you’ll have one specific person you can go to for any of your questions. This means that you’ll never have to be confused. Answers to your questions are one call away.

11. Inventory

In most cases, professional movers will go through and make an inventory list of all the items that need to go to your next house. Before they load anything onto the truck, they’ll go through and add a label sticker to each item.

Then, when arriving at your new home, they can make sure that nothing was missed as they unload the truck. Doing this means that they have multiple chances to examine what they have and compare it to their list. 

This means that nothing will be lost in the move. If you’ve ever moved on your own before, you know exactly how valuable that is. On your own, it can be incredibly easy to lose items along the way, no matter how needed or loved they are.

The one exception to this is that moving companies don’t typically build an inventory for local moves.

12. Furniture Reassembly

When moving to a new place, one of the most tedious hassles that you’ll have to deal with is dissembling and reassembling furniture. It’s time-consuming, hard, and often leads to muscle soreness. There are many other things you could be getting done in the time it takes to reassemble furniture.

With unpacking services, you can save yourself this hassle! They’ll be able to easily reassemble the furniture you had to pack. Then, once you’ve decided where it should be placed in your house, they’ll be able to move it there.

In addition, many unpacking services will also help you reconnect any appliances you moved. If this is a service you want, then you should make sure you have selected a company with liability insurance. Companies who don’t have this will likely refuse to reconnect appliances for you.

13. Unpacking Services Help With Cleanup

Once you’re done unpacking your house, you want to rest. The last thing that you want to deal with is worrying about how to get rid of all the trash that comes with unpacking. The protective materials that were so useful during your move are suddenly just one more thing burdening you.

Fortunately, many unpacking services will help you with disposing of these materials! They won’t just be thrown in a landfill- these materials are useful to the company. Your moving boxes will either be reused or recycled, helping other people while the unpacking company is at it.

If any dirt or grime was tracked in, while unpacking, professional movers will help clean that up as well. This means that you’ll be left with a neat, fully organized new house that you can relax in after a job well done.

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