Kara W

I was extremely impressed with our service from Moovers Chicago! Overall the service was friendly and efficient, and the care for boxes and furniture was very detail oriented. They also allow you to rent additional wardrobe boxes, picture boxes, and other boxes for odd things like lamps, TV’s, and bags of clothes that can be hard to pack, and you don’t necessarily have to know what you need ahead of time (within reason of course)! We had definitely overlooked some of these things and expected to come back for them after the move, but they came prepared with plenty of options for us!
When first arriving, Milton introduced himself and his crew, we scoped out everything to be taken, and they got to work immediately. Milton, Gabriel, and Abner were all very friendly, easy to work with, and extremely diligent and efficient despite our underestimation of how many boxes we’d have, the unexpectedly chilly weather, and slight rain. I really appreciate their positive attitude despite the bumps and the fact that the entire move was walk ups. Absolutely impressed!
I also really appreciate how careful they were with all of our stuff. They carried as much as possible to be efficient, but without smooshing any of the boxes too much with the straps (which is great, because that was a worry based on our past experience). All the furniture was wrapped and padded thoroughly, and they even took shelves out of things to make sure nothing went thunking around during the move. The overall care and attention to detail was something I wasn’t expecting, but am very very thankful for!
The last thing that was super great was the ability to rent additional boxes for odds and ends crap. We have been moving things to our place for a couple weeks ourselves, but there were still some clothes and winter coats that we hadn’t gotten to yet. Our original plan was to come back for them later after the move, but the fact that we got 5 free wardrobe boxes included with the move, and were able to rent a few more to take what was left, made it so much easier on us!! We didn’t end up needed any other boxes, but they did have other boxes for lamps, large frames, etc. that could be rented as well! I think having extra materials on hand for rent is a great way to smooth out the process and account for miscellaneous crap that you inevitably overlook no matter how long you give yourself to pack or how organized you try to be beforehand. This is definitely something that sets this company apart from other companies and would give us peace of mind in future moves!
Overall we were genuinely happy with our service and were really impressed with the attitudes, diligence, and preparation of the crew!

Iman J

When I first came across Moovers Yelp reviews, I was a little skeptical on how they had so many 5 star reviews.
I’ve used movers five times in the last 10 years and Moovers Chicago was great from the start to the end. What sealed the deal for me was that they had an “all-in” pricing that specifically included tape and plastic wrap in their hourly rate. I’ve learned from other movers that they all try to charge you the same per hour, but then they get you on a ton of other charges. Suddenly a $600 move turns into a $800+ move. With Moovers they make the pricing simple and not only was the pricing great, but the service was top notch. A big thank you to Carlos, Yesi and Nestor. They were professional, efficient and they worked like a well oiled machine.
Best movers in Chicago! ​

​Chris D

If all of their crews are like ours was, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Moovers. They were on top of every part of our move, including things we didn’t expect them to handle for us. They wrapped our stuff like it was all worth a million bucks, dealt with traffic, alleys, and road construction like it was nothing, and handled the challenging twists and turns of big furniture and awkward doorways without a word. They made a normally stressful activity a *lot* less stressful. ​

Katty D

Moving sucks. Period. Moovers Chicago and specifically Carlos, Yesi, & Lino made this a smooth process and as least sucky as possible!!!
Carlos gave me a call and let me know they’d be able to arrive early! He did a thoughtful walk through of our property, and worked quickly and carefully to move our lives into our new home. They wrapped everything carefully (even my Ikea furniture LOL), and functioned like a well-oiled machine! They were polite, took care of our items, and assembled everything to magically appear exactly where it should.
The booking process was seamless, they were punctual, they were polite, they were careful, and their prices were as quoted. Not much more you can ask for, especially during stressful times!!
Best movers I’ve worked with so far!!! ​

Johnny A

My move with Moovers Chicago was just completed and I had to run up my 3 flights of stairs to grab my phone and write this review. I can’t say enough about how professional, friendly and hard working Abner, Milton and Gabriel were. They had my move done in 2 hours flat. It’s 95 degrees outside and they never stopped moving. It was one of the most impressive feats of strength matched with friendliness that I’ve ever experienced. I recommend them to you. I’m currently recommending them to all of my friends. I’m offering to name my first born Moover. I’m so glad that I used this service. While I hope that I never have to move again if I do I’ll be hiring Moovers and I’ll ask for Milton, Gabriel and Abner when I do.