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5 Awesome Reasons for Moving to Chicago

Sep 13, 2022

Most people know Chicago as the Windy City. However, even more people know it as a fantastic place to live. In a recent poll of more than 20,000 city-dwellers, Chicago was voted one of the best places to live in the entire world. 

So, what do people like about living in Chicago? And why should you consider moving to Chicago? Keep reading to discover 5 awesome reasons to pick the Windy City as your next home!

1. The Food

Like many other big cities, Chicago is home to a host of fantastic bars and restaurants. Here, you’ll be able to find anything you want from Asian fusion to old-fashioned homestyle cooking. 

However, there are also features of the Chicago food scene that sets the city apart from any other. Many of these revolve around foods that you simply can’t get outside the city.

The deep-dish pizza is an absolute classic. This dish was created in Chicago way back in 1943 and spread to the rest of the world later on. While you may be able to find this dish elsewhere, there is nothing like having it in the city in which it was created. 

Next, imagine an all-beef hot dog on a poppy seed bun, mustard, onions, sweet pickle relish, a pickle spear, tomatoes, and pickled peppers. You are now imagining the class Chicago-style hot dog. This dog is packed with flavors and provides an experience only Chicago can deliver. 

One final Chicago creation is something you truly have to try in Chicago, as it is just not the same anywhere else. The Italian beef sandwich contains seasoned roast beef topped with au jus and sweet Italian peppers. It is an expression of the city’s Italian heritage while also being a delicious treat. 

2. The Culture

Chicago is packed with cultural sites. In fact, the variety of sites within the city is so varied that they are sure to please anyone, no matter their tastes. 

For the theatergoer, Chicago offers a rich theater scene. The Chicago Theatre is a great place to see a start, while also serving as a beautiful destination all on its own. Meanwhile, The Second City delivers some of the best improv acts in the country. 

For the museum lover, Chicago has plenty of choices. Whether you want to see natural history at The Field Museum or dive into art at the Chicago Cultural Center, there are wonders to be seen. 

Finally, if you’re just looking to see some cool animals, the Lincoln Park Zoo is there. Plus, the zoo’s exhibits are free! So, you can enjoy a good time without breaking your budget. 

3. The Sports

If you are a sports fan, you’ll love Chicago. The city is remarkable as it has nearly every sport represented by a professional team. 

When it comes to baseball, Chicago has two teams. There is nothing like seeing a Cubs game in Wrigley Field, one of the most classic stadiums in the sport. Or, you can root for the White Socks. 

Another place where Chicago has a sports history is within the NBA. The Bulls have one of the most successful histories in basketball, making them a real site to see. 

Interested in hockey? Locals enjoy rooting for the Blackhawks throughout the hockey season. 

When it comes to football, Chicago treats fans to Bears games. These are already fun to see but, in the future, a new stadium is on the way to elevate the experience even further. 

4. The Sights

Chicago isn’t just a fun place to eat food and watch sports, it is also a genuinely beautiful city. Just walking around the best neighborhoods in Chicago treats you to a host of sights and sounds.

Many of the most beautiful sights are seen in the city’s parks. Walking around Grant Park is a visual treat, especially near the Buckingham Fountain. Just to the north of Grant Park is Millennium Park, where you can see the famous Cloud Gate. 

Chicago is also famous for its architecture. The city is dotted with notable buildings and unique examples of architectural style. However, one of the best places in Chicago to see the architecture is The Magnificent Mile, where gorgeous buildings flank the entire walk. 

Finally, the Chicago River itself offers up plenty of beautiful views. Taking a walk along the Riverwalk is one of the best things to do on a nice, sunny day.  

5. The Events

Finally, no discussion about Chicago should be complete without mentioning the range of events that take place in the city throughout the year. 

In the warmer months, the city is host to tons of different music festivals. Lollapalooza is the most famous of these. However, other festivals, like Riot Fest, the Pitchfork Music Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival, and more, also exist. 

We’ve already discussed dining in Chicago but the city also has plenty of food festival offerings. Taste of Chicago highlights the best of what the city has to offer. Meanwhile, street festivals offer a wide variety of different foods. 

On top of all of these, Chicago hosts one of the most famous St. Patrick’s days in the country. People from all over gather around to see the Chicago River dyed green. Then, they spread throughout the city to watch the annual parade and visit the mix of delightful Irish bars. 

Why Moving to Chicago Is a Great Decision

There are plenty of reasons why moving to Chicago is a great decision. This is true whether you’re moving there for the deep-dish pizzas, the exciting sports, or just because the city is beautiful. There really is something for everyone in Chicago. 

If you are planning a move to Chicago, make sure to contact Moovers Chicago to make the moving process a breeze. 



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