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A Guide to Moving During COVID

Jan 20, 2021

Planning to move during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world’s normal routines. Social distancing is still currently the best measure against it. Still, moving isn’t something that’s easy to postpone or cancel.

Even under better circumstances, moving is a grueling task. Factor in a global pandemic and the challenges multiply. Besides the planning and scheduling, you’ll have to worry about health risks too.

If you’re planning on moving during COVID, you’ll have to account for and plan on several new factors. Worry no more because we’ve prepared a guide for you. Read on to know how to move safely during COVID-19.

Keep in Mind the Health Risks and Protocols

COVID-19 is a contagious disease spread through droplets from the mouth or nose. Even with the ongoing distribution of vaccines, practicing safety measures is a must. This includes wearing masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowds, and frequent hand washing.

Is It Essential to Move?

There can be many reasons why a moving date isn’t flexible for most people. An end of a lease or an upcoming closing date for a home you sold or bought makes relocation services critical. Consider postponing your moving schedule especially if you’re in the high-risk category.

Cities and states closed “non-essential” businesses due to the pandemic. However, moving services providers are currently operational. Still, this can vary by state, county, or city so be sure to check the orders in your area.

Health and Safety Come First

Moving during COVID-19 can pose many risks. Remember that when moving you and your family, safety must be your first priority. Consider the danger for family members in the high-risk group. This includes people over 60, those with health conditions, or who have compromised immunity.

Choose a Moving Company

Choose a professional moving company with health and safety measures in mind. Ask them about the measures they’re implementing to make sure the move under COVID-19 is safe.

It’s best to make all your inquiries online or through a call. As for the moving estimate, opt for a virtual survey instead. You can also ask the moving company how to best prepare for the virtual survey process.

Clarify the Process for Rescheduling or Cancellations

Knowing this allows you to plan contingencies should problems causing a delay arises. Ask how convenient or hard it would be to change moving dates. It would help to know if they need some deposit, or if you’ll get a refund should you opt to cancel.

Consider Storage Services as Backup

Move-in and move-out dates can change even with routine moves. You’ll want to consider using a portable container with built-in storage options. This could be at a secure storage center or on your property.

These should provide no contact storage to secure your belongings should there be a delay in moving. If this isn’t an option, ask your moving company if they provide storage and the costs.

Deep Clean Your Old and New Home

This is an important preparation before the move. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a guide for cleaning and disinfecting households.

This includes routine cleaning for the most-touched surfaces like tables or doorknobs. When using these products, follow all the safety instructions like wearing protective gear. Use EPA-registered disinfectants and follow the label instructions.

Bacteria can last for hours on surfaces. It would be best for you to finish packing at least 24 hours before moving day.

Practice Strict Health Protocols During the Move

It’s crucial to observe the proper health and safety measures during the move itself. Risks of transmission are highest during this time.

Ensure to keep yourself, and everyone else involved safe. It’s also good to have a moving checklist in hand to help you keep track of everything.

Maintain Physical Distancing

Once the movers arrive, you can greet them with a smile instead of a handshake. Given the circumstances, this wouldn’t be rude at all.

Refrain from helping with the move too. Let the drivers and workers load and unload your belongings. It’s also best to keep children, vulnerable household members, and any pets in a separate location beforehand.

Practice the CDC’s Recommended Protocols

Wear masks at all times and create reminders to avoid touching the face. Limit the sharing of food. Schedule regular washing of hands and disinfection of surfaces.

Ask the movers to wash their hands at the door on a regular basis. It’s also best to limit the usable restrooms in the house to only one. Have disinfectant wipes for the most-touched surfaces at the ready.

Use disinfectant wipes to clean boxes or other items before they’re loaded. This can reduce the risk of carrying the virus to your new home.

Provide the Movers with Sanitizers or Other Disinfectant Supplies

Whether they’re family or friends, ensure everyone has access to disinfectant supplies. This includes a sink, water, soap, and paper towels. If you can, given individual hand sanitizers and disposable gloves.

Avoid Using Recycled Boxes

As we’ve said earlier, the coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces. It’s best to avoid using recycled boxes from sources you don’t know.

Use the boxes you have available. If you’re short on boxes, then buy new ones.

Disinfect Your New Home After the Move

Before you unpack everything and settle in, be sure to do thorough disinfection. Clean and disinfect all your furniture and belongings as you unpack. Observe proper disposal of the packing materials.

You can contact the local government if you’re uncertain about the disposal or recycling of the packing materials.

Stay Safe While Moving During COVID

Now you know how to move during COVID with all the necessary health and safety measures. Plan your move with all the needed steps to ensure the safety of you and your family. Choose a moving company that can meet your health and safety needs.

Here’s everything you need to know when moving during COVID. Have other questions, or looking for professional moving services in the Chicago area? Contact us today!



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