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Other Packing and Moving Services
Here at Moovers Chicago, we are all about giving you a stress free and efficient moving service, but we also know that it isn’t just the job of moving from one property to the other that can cause stress. There are several other aspects at both ends of the move that can also be a burden, and here we do have some additional services we can offer to make the process easier for you. Whether you are moving home or moving business premises, give us a call and we can give you more information on the different ways we can help.

Packing And Wrapping Of Larger Items

Looking after your furniture and items is one of our priorities, and we also have plenty of experience in how to wrap and pack larger items to make sure that they are protected and undamaged when they arrive. One of the additional services that we can offer is that or wrapping and protecting your larger items, which will include the use of polystyrene, bubble wrap and other materials to make sure your items are protected in transport. We can also unpack these items once they arrive in your new property if required.

Installation Or Assembly Of Furniture

Another part of moving home is that some pieces of furniture can be too big or too fragile to be moved in one piece, so this can mean the work of taking these items apart and putting them together again. In this regard, our professional team can also help to make sure that everything is ready for moving day. We are experienced and have the appropriate power tools to be able to dismantle and assemble your larger furniture quickly and professionally so that you can focus on getting the smaller items organized in your new home.

Provision Of Wardrobe Boxes

When it comes to moving house, there are many more delicate items that can be vulnerable to being damaged or stuffed together as you transport these items, which is certainly applicable when it comes to your clothes. Wardrobe boxes are boxes that have a hanging rail inside, so that you don’t have to crush or pile your more delicate clothing into boxes. If you give us an indication of how much of this clothing that you will need to move, then we can arrange for an appropriate number of boxes to be delivered to you in advance of moving day.

Storage Of Furniture And Goods

When you are moving house, it isn’t always possible to arrange things so that the end of your time in one home aligns perfectly with the date at which you start your time in the new home. In this situation, while we aren’t able to offer a long term storage facility, we can help you by moving your furnishings into a storage facility, and then taking these on to your new property as soon as it is available. However, if you do have less than 5 days between the two dates, we can leave items on a truck for a few days in our garage while you wait for the new property to become available. Give us a call to see how we can help in this regard.

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